Safety Data Sheets, Chinese

Haynes international, inc., glad to enclose the following for you with health and safety information safety data sheet (SDS).These will give priority to replace before you get any old in our product material safety data sheet, so please change your safety data sheet file accordingly.

To provide you with the attached safety data sheets as we continue our efforts to comply with the OSHA hazard general standard (29 CFR 1910120 0), GHS (global) coordinate system, 1986 superfund amendment and reauthorization act (SARA) title III public law 99-949, 40 CFR part 372 terms. 313, 312 and 311.The safety data sheet is also in line with the state laws, including California's "safe drinking water and toxic enforcement act of 1986" (65) proposed, and the workers and the public's right to know act of Pennsylvania.

Safety data sheet (SDS) for a specific set of factory producing metal products to provide information.Because these metal products all have a common physical properties and composition, data shown here can be applied to all the list of the alloy.

The safety data sheets provide safety and health program for your employees valuable information.Your factory is responsible for the damage to the general equipment and industrial hygiene or safety personnel not only to accept the information, and to pass this information to employees who may come into contact with these products, it is very important.

Safety data sheet (SDS) on the 16th section lists the old version of the material safety data sheet (MSDS) in the section has been modified and has been listed in the latest safety data sheet (SDS).Although many editing of the GHS format is used to demonstrate, in paragraph 14 modified to reflect new information, it pointed out some alloying process, such as sand blasting, flammable dust - may be produced due to the failure of sandblasting medium or other factors.There are significant changes in the information and the need to release an updated version of the revised safety data sheets should be posted on the website in time.